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My name is Andreas Johanson and I run GROTTEKO. For me the most important thing about production and mixing is adding context to a song. I see the production as a coulisse to help telling the story. Therefore I spend a lot of time working with the atmosphere and soundscape of a song to create a world for the listener to live in, and to keep the song relevant even a hundred listens later.

I come from the indie genre and I really value its strife to maintain imperfection. At the same time I love the pureness you can find in todays pop music. Therefore I tend to operate in the crossover between acoustic and electronic elements. I'm not very concerned about genre overall though. So if you find any of my work intreseting I'm sure that we can find an exciting collaboration no matter what genre you're in.


Mixing is probably my favorite thing to do. The part of the process where everything comes together and that soundscape you've been seeking is finally beeing revealed. I mix a lot of things that I haven't been involved with prior to that and i gladly take in mixing jobs. Send me your files and I'll be happy to mix your song. Mixes I've made can be heard through the link below.


Apart from music, I also do quite a bit of podcast editing. To keep your listeners interested, editing and mixing your podcast is a necessity. I can help you with both of those things delivering a great sounding edited file for you to upload. For me to be able to do the best work possible the podcast needs to be in either in English or Swedish. Contact me via the form for pricing and further info.

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