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Podcasts are a huge part of peoples lives today. A message, an idea or just an entertaining conversation can easily get lost in bad tempo and poor sound quality. If your goal is to ask for peoples time and focus weekly, monthly or over shorter time frames; you need to make sure to not waste that time and focus.

A podcast doesn't have to be recorded in the best conditions today, it sure helps but a lot can be done afterwards. I both edit and mix podcasts on a weekly basis and I put a lot of care in making it sound as good as it can. Regardless if the podcast is recorded in a proper studio or with a phone in your living room. I can help you get rid of noise, make the podcast feel tight and lively and get rid of the "ehms" for good!

For me to make the best work possible your podcast should be in either English or Swedish. If you're new to podcast recording and recording in general I'm happy to help you get started with the gear you already have. If you think I could be of any assistance don't hesitate to reach out via the site form!

A Podcast I edited prior to the Swedish election 2022. All the party leader were questioned on their views on equality. Hosted by Amanda Oxell and Bertil Wassén.

A Podcast I edited and made the music for with focus on new and disruptive technology. Hosted by Hannes Sapiens & Ellen Bjerkehag @ Epicenter Stockholm. 

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