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Reapers render que will save you hours of work!

At the end of a project, in my case a mix, I usually archive it to my home server. I don't just throw over the project to my server though . I know that a lot of artist want different versions of their songs later down the road. These include backing tracks, acapellas, instrumentals and maybe STEMS for a remix. To not have to go back and do this at a different time I include rendering all of these tracks in my archiving process.

Rendering all the tracks mentioned above can easily take a lot of time though. Muting and soloing the specific tracks and wait for the render can easily add up to hours of work. This is where Reapers automated render queue comes in to save the day. In the down left corner of reapers render window there's a button called Queued Renders. When adding a render queue reaper saves your options like solo, render type and format, file names and so on in a temporary project. After you've made all your different renders and added them to your list, reaper then recalls these projects and start working. Freeing up time for you to do other work.

I use this to make three different versions; sing back, acappella and instrumental, as well as track stems for drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keys etc. 20-30 minutes later my tracks are rendered and I zip these tracks together with my project and move them to my server. This saves me a ton of time and I can do this wile doing other stuff like writing this blog post! Great huh?


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