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Number one reaper shorcut for a faster workflow

Finding ways to reduce clicks for repetitive tasks is pretty much always a good idea. My posts are mostly about Reaper and to speed that workflow up but this is true for any DAW out there. Just implementing this mindset when you work in your DAW will give you ways to work faster the next time. For instance if you reach for the scissors tool in logic all the time; you should probably take the time to learn the keyboard shortcut for that to save some mouse clicks down the road.

Going back to reaper the whole idea with the DAW is for you to ask yourself these questions. Reaper is built to be extremely customizable to make the DAW behave the way that fits you and not the other way around. Therefore I usually end up changing keyboard shortcuts so that the ones I use a lot are in comfortable reach, add more shortcuts for stuff I do a lot and make new customized toolbars for different applications.

The thing that has probably made the most impact on my workflow though, is something I implemented very late. Starting and stopping audio is probably the most repetitive yet necessary task we do in audio. You won't get around the need to start play back from different spots in the project. This might however result in a lot of clicks down the road. Think about it. You listen to the verse and you change something click at the beginning of the verse again and press play, move the cursor back to the beginning ... you get the hang of it. Many clicks!

What I've done to reduce this is to set up a couple of shortcuts for playback. My regular space bar which is the normal play/pause behavior. But I also have W, ALT-Space and some keyboard buttons assigned to another action from the SWS library: SWS/BR: Play from mouse cursor position. This enables me to play from wherever my mouse cursor is and then pause with the space bar. This reduces the need to move the play back cursor in on the time ruler. If I want to go back to the beginning of the project I have that action set to keyboard shortcut 1. Hope that helped!


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